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We are taking the data-driven approach to manage your Amazon Advertising. There is no guesswork when we are setting up and optimizing your Amazon PPC Campaigns.

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We are using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

We are at Profit Whales creating and optimizing your Amazon Advertising Campaigns using the Amazon Advertising API and our custom Software that are using Big Data and AI. This allows us to find thousands of relevant keywords and streamline a lot of data in fewer hours compared to doing it manually. Also, we are able to make intelligent decisions when optimizing your campaigns to achieve better ROAS.

Intelligent Amazon Advertising Team

Our experienced Amazon PPC experts possess years of practice developing effective campaigns to improve your Sales Efficiency and Brand Awareness. Our constant commitment to skill-building also keeps Profit Whales at the forefront of Amazon Advertising. That's allowing ours Enterprise customers turn to our Agency to optimize millions of dollars of Amazon transactions every year.

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PPC Campaign Setup

We developed software that allows us to create a solid semantic core full of relevant keywords for your products without errors. Also, it automatically creates strategical campaigns to reach your business goals. When using our PPC setup service, you already get a competitive advantage in the market. Many sellers do not understand how many sales they lose by not using the maximum number of relevant words.

Monthly Bid Optimization

Our system pulls all historic data from the Advertising API and uses sophisticated algorithms to process changes that balance long-term trends with near-term results. Using this data-driven approach, we bid every keyword and ad group to a profitable level based on all data available. Don't rely on consultants that use the campaign management dashboard or downloadable reports as their source of data! They spend more time getting data into a usable format than analyzing and optimizing your campaigns.

Brand Marketer Team

We are in Profit Whales intimately understand programmatic and brand marketing strategies, and apply our proven methodologies to deliver outstanding results across Amazon Marketplaces - no matter the objective.

Amazon Marketplace Focused

Our Amazon Marketplace Advertising Agency is solely focused on helping brands succeed across the entire Amazon ecosystem to capture true attention and drive positive business outcomes.

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