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Increase your Sales Efficiency and Brand Awareness on Amazon Marketplace!

We are taking the data-driven approach to manage your Amazon Advertising. There is no guesswork when we are setting up and optimizing your Amazon PPC Campaigns.

Your Amazon Sales Is About To Take Off

You'll make more money and save a lot of time with our Amazon PPC Management service!


Ad Revenue
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Overall Reduction
of CPC


Increase In Revenue
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8 Figure Brands
Working with Us

Why do you need to work with us?

Data Science

Business Growth

Amazon Experts

We are using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

We are at Profit Whales creating and optimizing your Amazon Advertising Campaigns using the Amazon Advertising API and our custom Software that are using Big Data and AI. This allows us to find thousands of relevant keywords and streamline a lot of data in fewer hours compared to doing it manually. Also, we are able to make intelligent decisions when optimizing your campaigns to achieve better ROAS.

Intelligent Amazon Advertising Team

Our experienced Amazon PPC experts possess years of practice developing effective campaigns to improve your Sales Efficiency and Brand Awareness. Our constant commitment to skill-building also keeps Profit Whales at the forefront of Amazon Advertising. That's allowing ours Enterprise customers turn to our Agency to optimize millions of dollars of Amazon transactions every year.

Save your time and money

Work with you to establish the best strategy to accomplish your business goals and objectives

You don't need to worry about your PPC campaigns

Increase your profits up to


Made for sellers by sellers

Join our tribe of 3500+ world-class Amazon Sellers and Brands.

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PPC spend decreased by - 116%.

PPC sales increased by + 231%

CPC reduced by 21%

Organic sales growth by 27%

PPC Campaign Setup

We developed software that allows us to create a solid semantic core full of relevant keywords for your products without errors. Also, it automatically creates strategical campaigns to reach your business goals. When using our PPC setup service, you already get a competitive advantage in the market. Many sellers do not understand how many sales they lose by not using the maximum number of relevant words.

Monthly Bid Optimization

Our system pulls all historic data from the Advertising API and uses sophisticated algorithms to process changes that balance long-term trends with near-term results. Using this data-driven approach, we bid every keyword and ad group to a profitable level based on all data available. Don't rely on consultants that use the campaign management dashboard or downloadable reports as their source of data! They spend more time getting data into a usable format than analyzing and optimizing your campaigns.

Brand Marketer Team

We are in Profit Whales intimately understand programmatic and brand marketing strategies, and apply our proven methodologies to deliver outstanding results across Amazon Marketplaces - no matter the objective.

Amazon Marketplace Focused

Our Amazon Marketplace Advertising Agency is solely focused on helping brands succeed across the entire Amazon ecosystem to capture true attention and drive positive business outcomes.

Efficient campaign management

    Grow Amazon revenue through paid advertising

      Saving our clients huge amounts of time

        High-level insight and reporting

          Pricing Plans

          Grow Your Revenue. Not Your Ad Spent!

          Sales Kick off

          *1-5 SKU's

          Our expert team will create campaign strategy to kick off your sales. *NOTE Pricing varies per SKU count, ad spend and business needs

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          • 150-300 High Performing Keywords Per SKU
          • PPC Expert Consultation
          • Campaign Strategy for Product Launches
          • Save you hours of time a week
          • 1 Month Free Bid Optimization Service

          Revenue Growth

          *5-15 SKU's

          We will set up professional PPC campaigns to maximize your Sales Efficiency. *NOTE Pricing varies per SKU count, ad spend and business needs

          Contact Us
          • Save you hours of time a week
          • Long Tail Keyword Strategy
          • 300-800 High Performing Keywords Per SKU
          • PPC Expert Consultation
          • 30 Days Support
          • Campaign Strategy Development to accomplish your business goals and objectives
          • 1 Month Free Bid Optimization Service

          Brand Expansion

          *15+ SKU's

          This plan is made for sellers who want to reach the top position in their niche. *NOTE Pricing varies per SKU count, ad spend and business needs

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          • 7-8 Figure Sellers Strategy to skyrocket your sales
          • 800 + High Performing Keywords Per SKU
          • Product line expansion
          • Provide regular reporting
          • 30 Days Support
          • Campaign Strategy Development
          • Negative Keyword Research
          • Monthly Reporting (2 hours call included)
          • 1 Month Free Bid Optimization Service

          Monthly Campaigns Management

          Save time and money with our Amazon Advertising monthly management.
          *Only for sellers with $2.500+ Ad Spend per month

          $300 + 2.5%

          Of Monthly Ad Revenue

          Contact us
          • Human+Software Bid Optimization
          • Improve ROI
          • Target ACoS
          • Everyday Support
          • Full Amazon Advertising Control
          • Weekly campaign upgrades

          Latest Case Studies

          Dog Accessories

          The brand which is selling dog accessories scales Amazon order volume by +1008% through strategic BID split testing and intelligence PPC Setup. They completely outsourced marketing on Amazon to our team. They have generated more than 1,500 Five Star customer reviews and is now recognized as one of the most innovative and reputable names in the pet industry.

















          When Headphones Brand first came to us, they had common issues with their Amazon PPC. Our PPC methods, combined with this excellent brand, resulted in boosting growth for their Amazon account. Ultimately, we helped cross the 7-Figure-Revenue, something we’re thrilled to be a part of.
















          Kitchen Appliances

          The brand which is selling gifts for travelers scales Amazon order volume by +282.47% through strategic Sponsored Products optimization. Since executing Profit Whales Sponsored Products campaign structure and bidding processes, our client was generating close to a seven-figure revenue stream that previously hadn’t existed for them.
















          Scratch Maps

          They turned to Profit Whales to improve their Amazon presence, expand their customer reach and entirely outsource Amazon marketing. To do so, they knew they would need to establish Amazon advertising campaigns to increase product discoverability and drive much traffic. Thanks to our Software we were able to generate over 1500 relevant keywords, Amazon is now a powerful channel to expand the reach and grow their user base.
















          "The results met all expectations!!!! This is a blast of some witchcraft... ACoS slid down to acceptable levels; bids decreased by half! The advertising budget, respectively, also reduced, while Sales increased! ORGANIC SALES!"

          Artem K.

          "I saw these guys by chance on someone's Facebook page. I decided to try it. After two weeks, sales increased by about 40%, and the Acos fell from 130 to 70% and keeps falling further :) I strongly advise to everyone! The guys know what they are doing!"

          Scott Lane

          "I share my feedback about working with Profit Whales Team on my PPC Advertisement. Everything cool! We are delighted! We got more sales than we expected - we are flying out, not even waiting for the Christmas Boom! Thank you very much!"

          Tyrone Lowe

          "As a result, today sales for this product increased in three times, and I had to write to the Manager to calm down the advertisement because my Stock would not handle boosted PPC."

          Victor Hansen

          "I have asked for help in a regrettable situation. The goods weren't selling at all, that's why I decided to liquidate them. Profit Whales gave some excellent advice, set up advertising. Moreover, Now we are selling and celebrating! Thanks for the work you've done. You saved us."

          Sarah Steiner

          "I am delighted with the work of these guys. They are the best in the the Amazon PPC field!"

          Oscar Khan

          "These guys are amazing. The most efficient PPC agency with high technologies and techniques I've ever seen!"

          Jacob Ginnish

          "The team behind the agency is doing an amazing job by consulting about how to grow the conversion rate and managing our Amazon Advertising campaigns. Their support team is incredibly responsible all day long. Highly recommend!"

          Kasey Burt

          "I highly recommend the services of these great guys. As their tool gives incredible results, that's obvious. I appreciated the attitude of this team for the client. We had a very humanized experience, where the money wasn't the first priority of our collaboration but customer satisfaction! Flexibility and promptness to any of my questions. I highly recommend!"

          Mario Palmer

          "Yes, a very good company! They helped me a lot with advertising on Amazon and not only with advertising, but they are also practicing marketers who really know ins and outs about Amazon PPC."

          Daniel Schreiber

          "These guys are doing an amazing job, solved my problem with huge Acos. It took only 2-3 weeks for them to fully optimize all campaigns. I would like to mention separately communication level: wrote them even on Sat/Sunday and always got answers. Recommend!"

          Joseph Gonzalez
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          Frequently Asked
          See more asked
          • How does Amazon advertising work?

            Amazon advertising is PPC advertising, also known as pay-per-click advertising. Your business provides a bid to Amazon to advertise relevant search results or product pages. When a user clicks on your ad, your company is then charging an appropriate cost-per-click (CPC) fee. To keep spending under control, Amazon allows businesses to set campaign budgets for just about everything, including cost per click, daily spend, weekly spend, and lifetime spends. The purpose of Amazon’s PPC advertising is to get users to click on your ad and purchase your product.

          • Who are we and how are we different from others?

            We are practicing marketers and owners of various brands on the Amazon​, and we have developed marketing strategies and software to work effectively with advertising tools inside Amazon. A lot of advertising agencies are implementing the same keywords and strategies for maintaining advertising offices for similar sellers. At ​ Profit Whales, we provide fully customized strategies for Amazon merchants. You get a custom strategy for increasing your cash flow and achieving your business goals. Then we will improve it, optimize and continuously introduce new strategies.

          • Do you optimize my ad campaigns?

            We optimize only the campaigns that we made with our software. Profit Whales Ad campaigns management service is the perfect option for those who looking to combine powerful algorithms with expert campaign management.

          • What is included in these plans?

            Each plan is different, depending upon the number of campaigns, your business goals, and your revenue. The main difference between them is the strategy we will be used to achieve the KPI. What doesn't differ between packages are the steps we take for your success. We start by conducting personalized market research based on your product. Using that data, we craft your campaign(s). Then we monitor those campaigns daily, adjusting bids on keywords, discovering the most profitable keywords and capitalizing on them. Even after multiple successful revisions and re-optimization, we’ll continue to monitor and make adjustments to these campaigns and ad groups.

          • How do I grant access to my account?

            We will need access to your account, only to Business Reports and Advertising Manager. We need access only to these two functions; we never ask to open access to something else.

          • Do I need to disable old campaigns?

            Yes. After Semantic Core creation, we will upload it to your account and disable an old one Campaigns.

          • Do you offer guarantees?

            We do not offer performance-based guarantees but give you our word we will do everything possible to ensure your campaign succeeds.

          • Why you need Us?

            Sellers who see the most success with Sponsored Products have campaigns structured according to Profit Whales best practices. The easiest and best way to make sure they are done right is to hire a professional.

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