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Why us?

  • Maximum automation

    Delegate routine tasks to the professionals: we'll find new keywords, develop PPC strategies for your niche and product, select optimal rates, as well as adapt campaigns to new Amazon algorithms and conditions as quickly as possible

  • Relevant campaigns

    We fully undertake such tasks as endless searches for new keywords; studying of all the subtleties and strategies of PPC for your niche and product; searching for optimal rates; monitoring changes in Amazon’s algorithms; quick adapting to new Amazon conditions

  • Millionaires trust us

    No matter how pathetic this may sound, but yes - our services are used by sellers with a turnover of more than 10 million dollars per year. We work towards a result with multi-million-dollar companies, as well as with novice sellers

  • Friendly support

    We check mail several times a day, and we constantly in touch. If you have any questions, our experts are always happy to answer.

  • Successful strategy

    PPC Expansion has been developed by successful Amazon vendors to streamline business processes. Its effectiveness has been proven in thousands of advertising campaigns. Today PPC Expansion is available to you

  • We say honestly: we can't help everyone

    On the result of the audit, we decide whether we can reduce your advertising costs and increase sales, and if so, we are ready to

Purpose of Marketing Companies On Amazon

  • Increase brand share in niche

    Keyword selection: choose the best words by which competitors are ranked

    Promotional rates: aggressive entry into the high-stakes market

    Success rate: an increase in performances by relevant keys and target category of customers

  • Increase sales

    Keyword Selection: automatic + manual campaigns

    Promotional rates: aggressive entry into the high-bids market

    Increase of sales

  • Launch the product

    Keyword Selection: automatic + manual campaigns

    Promotional rates: aggressive entry into the high-bids market

    The growth of keywords in the search results and growth of BSR

  • Increase brand awareness

    Keyword selection: niche relevant keywords + competitor

    Promotional rates: small bids with a gradual increase

    Increased performances and clicks, increased CTR

Creation of PPC advertising


  • 14 days warranty
  • 450-750 of relevant keywords
  • 14 working days managing and support
  • From 5 to 10 unique advertising campaigns
  • Analizing and killing negative keywords
  • Creating a PPC from scratch in 10 business days
  • $ 750. 00
  • Order


  • 30 days warranty
  • 1500-4000 relevant keywords
  • Personal support from our expert
  • 10 to 25 unique campaigns
  • Adding negative keywords and analyzing search term report every week
  • Using techniques from our 1M$+ clients
  • Creating a PPC from scratch in 5 business days
  • $ 1250. 00
  • Order


  • Effective keywords selection
  • Always looking for new keywords to grow the sales
  • Bid split testing for maximum ROI
  • Implementation of the newest PPC strategies depending on your product and advertising budgets
  • Adding negative keywords
  • We optimize only advertising companies that were created by our company
  • 10%   
     of the advertising budget per month
  • Order

Case Study

Dog Accessory Company

Work done: We have selected the optimal promotion strategy for the product on the Dog Accessories market. We gave advice on how to increase listing conversion..

Result:after 1 month of work..

Product Sales


Page Views








Traveling Gear Manufacturer

Work done: A very aggressive PPC has been launched. We also provided our client with our listing and SEO services..

Result::after 2 months of work.

Product sales


Page Views









  • Do I need to disable old companies?

    Yes, sure. We will take all the best from your campaigns when creating a new PPC.

  • What else should be done to improve the result from PPC

    You should understand that the product is sold by listing, not PPC. For example, if you have a conversion of 10% on the listing, then ACoS will be 50%. If you have an elaborated listing and conversion of more than 20%, then ACoS will already be not 50%, but 25% or less. Therefore, you will need a quality listing with a good conversion. Then the result of our setup will be just amazing!

  • Who are we and how are we different from others?

    Initially, our goal was to automate our own business processes, reduce time and money spent on PPC and account management in general. We didn't find a service or agency that would meet our requirements. Therefore, we decided to create it ourselves. We spent thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars experimenting with Amazon’s algorithms, until we have found the perfect strategies and tactics for doing business on this great platform. Now we are also at the stage of software development Profit Whales which will bring advertising on Amazon to the ideal. Since Amazon is changing, we are adapting. We don't want to wait for someone to create something for us. We create it ourselves. And when Amazon changes the algorithms, we optimize our software and promotion methods, while others hope that the changes won't affect them. Our company employs talented IT specialists who, in blowing with PPC, make a really high-quality product. Such results can not be achieved by making advertising manually.

  • Do you optimize my ad campaigns?

    No! We provide monthly optimization only for customers who have already ordered a professional PPC advertising setting from our company. This is due to our work of optimizing the advertising campaigns; we do it much faster, and with greater efficiency for your business; we will achieve a positive ROI on the investment in advertising.

  • How do I grant access to my account?

    Contact our manager and he will tell you about all details.

  • How can I evaluate the result?

    Each situation requires an individual approach. There are many criteria to evaluate the result, such as decrease in CPC, decrease in ACoS, increase in sales, etc. For each client, we create an individual strategy for promotion due to his niche and product.

  • What do I need to get started?

    It only takes you a little free time to tell us your business situation and the desired results. Everything else we take on!

  • What we guarantee?

    Before you begin to work, our specialists analyze your situation in detail and decide whether we can help you achieve the goals you have set. In case we have not fulfilled the previously agreed KPI (performance metrics), we will return 80% of your funds to you. We retain 20% due to the fact that we incurred operating costs, and the physical time of the company's employees was spent. You also get a ready-made semantic core that you can always use for many purposes: advertising on Amazon, Adwords, Bing, Yandex; use keywords for listing and SEO optimization. With the monthly management of your advertising, we first discuss with you the goals that need to be achieved and budgets per month. At the end of each month, you transfer us a sum equal to 10% of the money spent on advertising per month. If you are not satisfied with the result, we will not charge you for the last month of working with us.

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